Thursday, June 20, 2013

product review: lush 'sunny side' bubble bar.

so i FINALLY had enough cash (aka, spent some savings) to snaffle up some lush products to review for you guys. almost 70 bucks worth of products to be exact but i must say i've quite enjoyed giving them a go over the past few weeks.

first up for review is the last product i picked up as i was approaching the counter. i'll be honest, the only reason i picked it up is because it was glittery. as in completely covered in glitter. as in gold glitter. so quite obviously, i had to have it.
^ photo property of lush cosmetics (i forgot to take my own beforehand).

anyway the idea is you basically place it under the running bath water for a minute or two until the bath bubbles up. as the bubble bar is yellow, honestly it kind of makes the actual water look like someone peed in the bath (i assure you i didn't). but otherwise it just creates some bubbles like bubble bath would and the gold glitter sits throughout the bath. smell wise, it was a bit sweet. it's not really something i would rush out to buy again but if i was there and had some spare change, i'd get it solely for the glitter factor. plus playing with the glitter kept my childish mind entertained.

the aftermath. the bath definately needed a wipedown.

next up from lush i'll be reviewing their 'rub rub body scrub' so stay tuned.
much love! x

Thursday, June 6, 2013

i am loving: embracing the winter chill.

first off, i just wanted to apologise for the late blog post. i've had a horrible cold recently and haven't had the energy to do much at all, let alone write a snazzy blog post. but we can now praise the lord, as the drugs are starting to kick in and i'm finally on the mend.

now in australia we're already a third of the way through winter if you work the seasons by months. however in hobart, it's only just now that you can really start to feel the harsh kick of icy coldness that is now throughout the air. that crisp air that sometimes hurts a little if you breathe it in too far, that swirls around your exposed fingertips and the tip of your nose turning them into pink little ice blocks and sometimes even from the inside of your house, turns each breathe into a visible white mist. i must say, i am loving it. and because of this i'm writing a little list of things i'm excited for with thanks to this cold weather hit (inspired by the gorgeous louise from sprinkle of glitter).

stormy nights in bed: where the rain patters on the roof while you're curled up inside with a hot water bottle and a good book (perhaps also snuggled up with your other half).

a snow adventure to mount wellington: one of the only places high enough above sea level where snow actually settles. not only allowing one to enjoy some fun in the snow but also a pretty spectacular and peaceful view.
tummy warming drinks: especially when it is super cold and you can literally feel them warming you up from the inside, out.

layers: jumpers upon jackets upon leggings upon wooly socks. as long as i'm cosy warm, bring on the wooly mammoth look.

hearty meals: the ones that make you feel so satisfied, you've no choice but to spend hours on the couch afterwards in a food coma.

coats: i've slowly fallen in love with investing in timeless coats and this weather is only a perfect excuse to add to the collection.

crafts: indoors time means plenty of craft time in any way, shape and form. hand me the knitting needles and a paint brush and i'm likely to be amused for hours.

my birthday: after a series of unfortunate events on my few previous birthdays, the day is no longer something i enjoy. however this year it means my boyfriend is on uni holidays which means more 'us' time and i'm thoroughly looking forward to it.

pj days: enough said. pjs, all day.

beanies: i am in love with beanies at the moment. not only are they perfect to disguise a bad hair day, but practical in the cooler months too.

movie nights: snuggling under a giant blanket with a movie and some popcorn on the side. i think i'd be rather content.

i'm sure in a few months time i'll be saying bring on the warmer weather, but for now i'm quite happy to embrace what the cold has to offer. is there anything you guys love about winter? let me know, below.

also, it's also good to remember that while we get to snuggle up in warm beds when it's freezing outside, a staggering number of us don't. so donate a blanket, jacket or socks to your local charity this winter. not only will it leave the person who receives it feeling toasty on the outside, but i guarantee you'll get a fuzzy feeling on the inside too.
stay warm!
love, t&e.

*the photo used in this post does not belong to / was not taken by me.